Don’t be afraid to confess your feeling ;)

Some words, poem,lyrics,speeches, movies are so interesting that makes us want to see/hear again and again !

Fantasy ! ๐Ÿ’ซ

Here’s something I would love to share !

” Did it travel through your heart too?

Did it leave something small behind?”

After I put my hopes away and comfort myself on that night, you appear in my dreams.

Not leaving even the smallest crack, my short days are filled with you.

Moments that are elongated, I look for your scent that pulls me as I wander

You are my…

Words that linger in my mouth and disappear without able to say them.

I hope it reaches you through my scent, always scatters when it approaches you

Though it’s not very good, it resembles yours.




Days when not a single thing goes my way, Those small moments that make me put my hopes up high are all so precious.

Even if I get lost along the way, there’s a reason I’m not afraid !

I’m hoping it’ll reach you, but whenever I go to you, I break down!

even so, will you smile for me ?

You are my words I couldn’t tell you, even though I was by your side for a long time. I’m hoping it’ll reach you.

Will it break down once it reaches you ?

I’m keeping them in my mouth as I call you, my love!

You are my..

My world is in these words

That don’t have an end to it

When tour scent spreads and holds me, who is withering

I’ll go into the embrace of today,

That is colored by You and rest !!!


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