Kind uncle with sugarcane juice glass !

Summer season memory :

Yes. Season changed! And the hot summer started so several things changed like example:

➡️Craving for ice creams and cold juices instead of hot cup of soups!

➡️winter clothes changed to summer clothes !

➡️ Short days converted into long days

But what most I saw was street food vendors !


They came every summer, to sell


In my city Ahmedabad, I saw many vendors in route of my college from my home.


Not only college route but whenever I went for hangout with friends or shopping or anywhere; the memory with them were quite interesting.

My mom always preferred sugarcane juice most from the other juices. So every while after my college session I went to that place( nearby area) and ordered two glasses of SUGARCANE juice.

That vendor uncle was almost 60+/- years old. very hardworking. In those summer morning to evening he worked.
I noticed that Everytime I go and ordered something, a small conversation happened between us.


Me: it’s okay uncle I don’t want it. I only ordered two glasses of sugarcane juice. Please pack it for me.

Uncle: take this one too. Taste it and tell me if the taste is sweet or not.You’re taking it home for your family/friends/guests so it must be taste good.

Me: (awkwardly) it’s almost full glass.

Uncle: (with waving hand says to drink.) It’s okay

Me: that tastes good. 🙂

Uncle: (bright satisfied smile on his face.)

He was happy because

“Those efforts of him got the result.”

I smiled. Also I found that happy to serve kind heart fatherly attitude.

I’ll come again. I said.

He waved his hand; said bye.

I went again.. one more day, he gave me juice, since it was hot summer days, I dressed up like I’m going somewhere to fight something..

Let’s beat the heat

with so extra. My face was covered with helmet, scarf, sunglasses and for sun protection- hand gloves too..

I don’t think he recognized me..he offered me again. I knew that every child/person he meet he asked them too. The satisfaction of his own gives him strength to Love their work. I learned so many things from him.

He gave me that juice more than 2-3 times as freebie..

Like other restaurants/cafes or hotel they also have facility to taste before buy, but this one was different..

days changed, some days we feel happy and energetic. some days are bad with tiredness. But he was like my mood booster. With Some positive feelings !

I miss him and that warm welcomed nature. Will I able to see him after summer??

Little while I knew that answer was – yes. You can. But you have to wait till next summer season. next year !


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