Menu decision ?

Okay, whatever!

Whenever I go to restaurant, there’s a single time moment, when I think about what to order.. and I want to reply like this:




Me :How about put ” whatever” in your menu ?

Whatever chef makes with the freshest ingredients for the day.and whatever the chef recommends for the day. it changes everyday.

Each day’s different.

When a customer orders whatever, the customer doesn’t question nor be anxious.

He just trusts the chef and waits.

Because whatever it is will be delicious. No matter what. But it has to be the freshest ingredients and most delicious dish with the fire flavour. πŸ”₯

The tongue is the most cunning part in a person. When you talk,when you eat, when you kiss . πŸ’“

But when people eat whatever chef makes the craftiness disappears.

Whatever is the chef’s trustworthy menu in price and taste. Chef’s going to do whatever it takes to create the best dish for the customers. For customers who TRUSTS. Right?

What do you think? πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Menu decision ?

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  1. We will open a restaurant names “Kahi bhi” and our restaurant’s signature dish will be named “Kuch bhi”😁😁😁😁😁

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