Story time •~•

The last time they loved..

Like a lie, melted away.

She thought of him, whom she left in the meadow.

How long must I wander the periphery of pain to erase those memories ?

If memories of love are sleet as well,

If they are a snowman lost in the wrong season,

Repenting is needless, thus I pray you disappear.

On the lonesome meadow, disillusion remains.

A love that has passed goes beyond oblivion.

I too, If only I could cross this field of futility.


🏵️ serendipity

Look at you!

How is it insignificant? First loves are amazing.
That is, um, when you’re walking down the street and someone splashes a bucket of water on you.
That’s how the feelings of first love attack you .
You completely forget who you were before.
You got splashed by the water.

But you feel good.

Something unexpected but interesting things cheers you up !

Minimalist 2020

Hello everyone!

Yeah, long time no see ! 😅

2019 been busiest year and so many things happened. And now I’m back with the “New year New me” kinda thought.

I thought about my habits, my needs, my goals, my health everything… So here’s something I’m doing for myself !


minimalism for a maximalists person like me is a long journey but trying my best to know what works good for me!

find your own Minimalism:

There is no single correct definition of a minimalist. Maybe after you’ve parted with a lot of your possessions, a big piano remains sitting in your home. As a result of reducing a lot of your belongings, you’ve become aware of what’s truly necessary and important to you.

• example to do,

~declutter old/uncomfortable clothes

~try not to buy unnecessary things

~checking items if it’s expired or not

~being creative


It’s simple. Right 🙂 I don’t want to be perfect minimalist person. I’m just doing this for peace of my mind. It makes me happy and calm.

I’m becoming more focused, patient and more thankful every day.

I believe I am not a minimalist because of the amount of things that I have but because I like the philosophy of minimalism and try to apply it to my life. Not only to material possessions but also the things I do and the things I worry about.


Inspiration – Good bye, things.

Book by- fumio sasaki

An Inevitable Miracle🌠

17:30 p.m.
Sunday evening.

He was reading a book.

She came and asked him to read out loud.

She always liked to hear stories by him while making evening coffee! Maybe she liked his voice more !

( Book title – If there’s a word that’s stronger than love )

He started reading…




” How did we meet?”

One day, a butterfly flew like a petal.. and made a small flutter.

” How did we meet and end up here?”

The corner of the street where we exchanged our love in spring.

It was a miracle.

We slowly held hands as we walked down the street together.

The dandelions beneath the telephone pole swayed brightly.

How did we manage to walk past all those times together?

” Were we able to reach love because we walked past such lovable moments?”

I came to believe that there’s no such thing as coincidence in love .

In order to make two people fall in love with each other.. I believe, the universe calculates even the smallest of happenings.. including the wing stroke of a butterfly !


I didn’t want to think that we met by mere coincidence.


She said coming to him..


And hugged him. She knew that the story which he read was actually happened between them 😅 their love story!


The true beauty of perfume lies in the fact..

That it can’t be seen.

Scent is one of the beautiful thing, that can be felt even with your eyes closed.

I believe this intangible beauty, will be somewhat of a consolation

To those who are sick of this world

That only focuses on outer beauty.

We are blessed to be able to love..

This intangible beauty scent.

Promise to myself

Verb : Assure someone that one will definitely do something or that something will happen.

We all know this meaning..we keep promise as well as break it.
and right now somewhere someone is promising to someone too..but among other gestures I found this gestures very cute. Have you ever tried this ?

3 steps

Picture-1) promise

Picture-2) stamp

Picture-3) copy

It is little bit childish but fun!

watching this reminds me to promise with myself: I’ll be happy and positive.. yes ! Nothing lasts forever so as bad experience too; be cheerful !

Don’t be afraid to confess your feeling ;)

Some words, poem,lyrics,speeches, movies are so interesting that makes us want to see/hear again and again !

Fantasy ! 💫

Here’s something I would love to share !

” Did it travel through your heart too?

Did it leave something small behind?”

After I put my hopes away and comfort myself on that night, you appear in my dreams.

Not leaving even the smallest crack, my short days are filled with you.

Moments that are elongated, I look for your scent that pulls me as I wander

You are my…

Words that linger in my mouth and disappear without able to say them.

I hope it reaches you through my scent, always scatters when it approaches you

Though it’s not very good, it resembles yours.




Days when not a single thing goes my way, Those small moments that make me put my hopes up high are all so precious.

Even if I get lost along the way, there’s a reason I’m not afraid !

I’m hoping it’ll reach you, but whenever I go to you, I break down!

even so, will you smile for me ?

You are my words I couldn’t tell you, even though I was by your side for a long time. I’m hoping it’ll reach you.

Will it break down once it reaches you ?

I’m keeping them in my mouth as I call you, my love!

You are my..

My world is in these words

That don’t have an end to it

When tour scent spreads and holds me, who is withering

I’ll go into the embrace of today,

That is colored by You and rest !!!

Kind uncle with sugarcane juice glass !

Summer season memory :

Yes. Season changed! And the hot summer started so several things changed like example:

➡️Craving for ice creams and cold juices instead of hot cup of soups!

➡️winter clothes changed to summer clothes !

➡️ Short days converted into long days

But what most I saw was street food vendors !


They came every summer, to sell


In my city Ahmedabad, I saw many vendors in route of my college from my home.


Not only college route but whenever I went for hangout with friends or shopping or anywhere; the memory with them were quite interesting.

My mom always preferred sugarcane juice most from the other juices. So every while after my college session I went to that place( nearby area) and ordered two glasses of SUGARCANE juice.

That vendor uncle was almost 60+/- years old. very hardworking. In those summer morning to evening he worked.
I noticed that Everytime I go and ordered something, a small conversation happened between us.


Me: it’s okay uncle I don’t want it. I only ordered two glasses of sugarcane juice. Please pack it for me.

Uncle: take this one too. Taste it and tell me if the taste is sweet or not.You’re taking it home for your family/friends/guests so it must be taste good.

Me: (awkwardly) it’s almost full glass.

Uncle: (with waving hand says to drink.) It’s okay

Me: that tastes good. 🙂

Uncle: (bright satisfied smile on his face.)

He was happy because

“Those efforts of him got the result.”

I smiled. Also I found that happy to serve kind heart fatherly attitude.

I’ll come again. I said.

He waved his hand; said bye.

I went again.. one more day, he gave me juice, since it was hot summer days, I dressed up like I’m going somewhere to fight something..

Let’s beat the heat

with so extra. My face was covered with helmet, scarf, sunglasses and for sun protection- hand gloves too..

I don’t think he recognized me..he offered me again. I knew that every child/person he meet he asked them too. The satisfaction of his own gives him strength to Love their work. I learned so many things from him.

He gave me that juice more than 2-3 times as freebie..

Like other restaurants/cafes or hotel they also have facility to taste before buy, but this one was different..

days changed, some days we feel happy and energetic. some days are bad with tiredness. But he was like my mood booster. With Some positive feelings !

I miss him and that warm welcomed nature. Will I able to see him after summer??

Little while I knew that answer was – yes. You can. But you have to wait till next summer season. next year !

Lovely heart says:💓

I secretly bite my lower lip

And softly close my eyes

I try to hide the fluttering

Feeling that fills my body


It tickles for some reason when

I think of you,

I start to talk to myself

Give me a perfect day,

Oh I’ll stay, by your side I already

Revealed half of my heart


A day where you can have high hopes

Will come Only good things will come

The one person who will protect and

Watch over the struggling me

I feel like that person is you

I wanna make you mine forever


Your bright smile continues

As if it will break

When I open my eyes, it’s mine

Give me a perfect day,

Of I’ll stay, by your side

I already revealed

Half of my heart

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