Promise to myself

Verb : Assure someone that one will definitely do something or that something will happen.

We all know this meaning..we keep promise as well as break it.
and right now somewhere someone is promising to someone too..but among other gestures I found this gestures very cute. Have you ever tried this ?

3 steps

Picture-1) promise

Picture-2) stamp

Picture-3) copy

It is little bit childish but fun!

watching this reminds me to promise with myself: I’ll be happy and positive.. yes ! Nothing lasts forever so as bad experience too; be cheerful !


Don’t be afraid to confess your feeling ;)

Some words, poem,lyrics,speeches, movies are so interesting that makes us want to see/hear again and again !

Fantasy ! 💫

Here’s something I would love to share !

” Did it travel through your heart too?

Did it leave something small behind?”

After I put my hopes away and comfort myself on that night, you appear in my dreams.

Not leaving even the smallest crack, my short days are filled with you.

Moments that are elongated, I look for your scent that pulls me as I wander

You are my…

Words that linger in my mouth and disappear without able to say them.

I hope it reaches you through my scent, always scatters when it approaches you

Though it’s not very good, it resembles yours.




Days when not a single thing goes my way, Those small moments that make me put my hopes up high are all so precious.

Even if I get lost along the way, there’s a reason I’m not afraid !

I’m hoping it’ll reach you, but whenever I go to you, I break down!

even so, will you smile for me ?

You are my words I couldn’t tell you, even though I was by your side for a long time. I’m hoping it’ll reach you.

Will it break down once it reaches you ?

I’m keeping them in my mouth as I call you, my love!

You are my..

My world is in these words

That don’t have an end to it

When tour scent spreads and holds me, who is withering

I’ll go into the embrace of today,

That is colored by You and rest !!!

Kind uncle with sugarcane juice glass !

Summer season memory :

Yes. Season changed! And the hot summer started so several things changed like example:

➡️Craving for ice creams and cold juices instead of hot cup of soups!

➡️winter clothes changed to summer clothes !

➡️ Short days converted into long days

But what most I saw was street food vendors !


They came every summer, to sell


In my city Ahmedabad, I saw many vendors in route of my college from my home.


Not only college route but whenever I went for hangout with friends or shopping or anywhere; the memory with them were quite interesting.

My mom always preferred sugarcane juice most from the other juices. So every while after my college session I went to that place( nearby area) and ordered two glasses of SUGARCANE juice.

That vendor uncle was almost 60+/- years old. very hardworking. In those summer morning to evening he worked.
I noticed that Everytime I go and ordered something, a small conversation happened between us.


Me: it’s okay uncle I don’t want it. I only ordered two glasses of sugarcane juice. Please pack it for me.

Uncle: take this one too. Taste it and tell me if the taste is sweet or not.You’re taking it home for your family/friends/guests so it must be taste good.

Me: (awkwardly) it’s almost full glass.

Uncle: (with waving hand says to drink.) It’s okay

Me: that tastes good. 🙂

Uncle: (bright satisfied smile on his face.)

He was happy because

“Those efforts of him got the result.”

I smiled. Also I found that happy to serve kind heart fatherly attitude.

I’ll come again. I said.

He waved his hand; said bye.

I went again.. one more day, he gave me juice, since it was hot summer days, I dressed up like I’m going somewhere to fight something..

Let’s beat the heat

with so extra. My face was covered with helmet, scarf, sunglasses and for sun protection- hand gloves too..

I don’t think he recognized me..he offered me again. I knew that every child/person he meet he asked them too. The satisfaction of his own gives him strength to Love their work. I learned so many things from him.

He gave me that juice more than 2-3 times as freebie..

Like other restaurants/cafes or hotel they also have facility to taste before buy, but this one was different..

days changed, some days we feel happy and energetic. some days are bad with tiredness. But he was like my mood booster. With Some positive feelings !

I miss him and that warm welcomed nature. Will I able to see him after summer??

Little while I knew that answer was – yes. You can. But you have to wait till next summer season. next year !

Lovely heart says:💓

I secretly bite my lower lip

And softly close my eyes

I try to hide the fluttering

Feeling that fills my body


It tickles for some reason when

I think of you,

I start to talk to myself

Give me a perfect day,

Oh I’ll stay, by your side I already

Revealed half of my heart


A day where you can have high hopes

Will come Only good things will come

The one person who will protect and

Watch over the struggling me

I feel like that person is you

I wanna make you mine forever


Your bright smile continues

As if it will break

When I open my eyes, it’s mine

Give me a perfect day,

Of I’ll stay, by your side

I already revealed

Half of my heart

College drama: got punishment😆

Uday sir… !!!!😖😡😖

Ugh !!

Whyyy.. !

“This were my reaction 😑” when I got call from one of my friend.

Friend: where are you ? Sir is looking for you three . Come as soon as possible!

You’re wondering what’s going on! Let me tell you ..

So this happened…

It was good casual day for me at college. Attended two hour morning lectures and then after break, it was time for laboratory work . But me and my friend had some work to do and thought it was okay not to attend that lab. But still engineering students are quite challenging 😂 lol.

I said let’s check how many students are attending. And as soon as we entered in lab i noticed that one of my classmate was taking attendance behalf of the faculty. Shayad sir nahi aaye the..

I said it’s a chance ! Let’s do our attendance and leave. No one can catch us. ( Smirk face 😏) ( because many of have done this. We should try it too )


I forgot that time I wasn’t pro at this. It was risky but Still if my good good luck is with me nothing is impossible to take a single chance and try. So, me and my friend did attendance and successfully left the lab within few minutes. 😛

Then later on we talked about 10-15 minutes in parking area. Parking area is exactly in front of the lab.. we forgot that sir might catch us! After some talk we left for home.. but then bamm !!! Scene ho hi Gaya !

I got a call from my friend, and he said sir is looking for three of you. I was quite surprised. I was nearby the college But then i asked why ? Why three? We’re only two. And he told one of my classmate also got a punishment for bunking the lab session.. he had a different reason.

But somehow sir found it and called three of us .

Umm.. what to say!? Should we lie ? No , sir will double punish us if we lie again like this.. should we make a cute innocent puppy face ? 😐 Naaahhhh….never! This won’t work..

Actually let’s give him some fake medical reasons. Sir can’t resist this 🤔Let’s just cry together! Seriously 🙄
with so many thoughts we went to lab together.

Sir told us to wait until the lab hour finishes. This was terrible! To all the people specifically professor and teachers don’t do this !!! I request you. Because this is confusing as hell ! We got confused like is sir mad ? Is he going to little punish us or more ? Is he going to call our parents? Which level we have to prepared for ? please at least give us a hint !

We didn’t do anything other than waiting. In that 2 hour , we felt bunch of feelings 😅 hate, anger, sadness, who cares attitude, helpless and last thought/hopeless feeling !

Finally wait was over! Sir called and before we speak any kind of explanation whether it’s lie or truth; Unexpectedly he didn’t hear a single word. And gave us punishment..

Punishment was- To write last 5 question papers of one subject and in college hours ( 10:30 am to 6:00 pm )only !!! After attending all lectures whenever we have some free time we have to come in front of his desk area. And write !


Sir I’m shooting you with a gun in my mind !

So that was our punishment day -1




We started to write and finished it within a week.

In between the punishment we had so many talks , quite fun and got bored by the same repeated questions.

This isn’t something to mention in a little moment but I consider in a longest punishment I’ve ever received in my life as a student. But the little moments when we had spent together were interesting..

We wrote without a rest,we wrote with our fastest speed skill of writing, we wrote for 2 days in blackout ( no light is okay we had laptop’s screen light 😛but without fan ! It was so hot )

We also Wasted Few minutes in hopeless thought that sir will understand and leave us. What a time it was ! 😁 I’ll remember this in future for sure. And same for my partners in punishment . They probably will remember this same…

Happy dramatic last year of my college life ! – I said to myself 🙂

A question to my readers:

What is/was your unforgettable punishment you’ve ever received? 😁

Menu decision ?

Okay, whatever!

Whenever I go to restaurant, there’s a single time moment, when I think about what to order.. and I want to reply like this:




Me :How about put ” whatever” in your menu ?

Whatever chef makes with the freshest ingredients for the day.and whatever the chef recommends for the day. it changes everyday.

Each day’s different.

When a customer orders whatever, the customer doesn’t question nor be anxious.

He just trusts the chef and waits.

Because whatever it is will be delicious. No matter what. But it has to be the freshest ingredients and most delicious dish with the fire flavour. 🔥

The tongue is the most cunning part in a person. When you talk,when you eat, when you kiss . 💓

But when people eat whatever chef makes the craftiness disappears.

Whatever is the chef’s trustworthy menu in price and taste. Chef’s going to do whatever it takes to create the best dish for the customers. For customers who TRUSTS. Right?

What do you think? 😉

Little pray

When you are lost,

I will shine a light

When your heart shakes because of the wind,

I will hold your hand

I am praying for you

Praying that you will be protected

So that my hopes can reach you

The closed door is slowly opening..

I hope you won’t cry

Over your scars


Get trapped in despair with pain

With all my heart

I hope you will be comforted 🙂


I’m praying again !



There’s an empty world deep in my heart, save me

I wanna reset,

Lonely eyes trapped in darkness

Is there anyone to hold my hand ?

I wanna reset

It’s just a passing wind

I try shouting at the person next to me

But only silence is looking at me

I am walking too but why are they getting farther apart?

Why am I standing here alone ?

Why is only my world stopping?

I see them fading away farther and farther

I don’t care if it’s just one person, please look back, please hold my hand

I don’t care if it’s just one time, please hold my hand

Someone please stop for a moment

Your smile that’s not ridiculing me

Finds me again from disappearing

In the darkness,your smile

Shines brightly into my heart

I wanna reset

How about you

I’m all about you

I wanna go back to the beautiful days


I’m left alone like this, loneliness

Please hold my hand right now

I wanna reset

The truth is hidden by scars

I wanna go back to the happy place

I wanna reset

I wanna reset!

Nickname :)

A short name which is filled with lots of love, affection and ridicule !

“It’s like sweet candies for me !” Yup. I love to hear 😊

Different person gave me different name; imagine to have around 20+ names 😂😂

First comes first, every single person calls me DIMPLE GIRL yeah. Because it’s visible !!

But the people who knows me better (Friends/close family members) they always calls me by some cute names:

Devil hetvu, tichuk tichuk, Nani jadi, chote khala, kitty pyari Leela hetu, popat, breeze, dimply, rucchu lucchu, ruzu, Ruchi, Barbie, gol gol, bataki, tai,tiktiki, het etc. Why so many !!! 😂

Let me share some of the names with story behind it;

1) tichuk tichuk – me: what’s that ?? I asked angrily.

reply : it’s your smile!

Me: 🙄 wow

Reply: 😂😂 ha ha( tease )

2) hetu- it’s common short name of mine. So I accepted ( logic: hetvi = hetu )

3) rucchu lucchu – it suits me well as well the dolphins suits in the ocean. Cheesy line. But this is the name every time I hear it makes me smile and blush 😄

10/10 for this. Non_sane you rock !🤘

4) pyari kitty Leela hetu – again kitty is sweet, but Leela 😂😂😂 not a big story but maybe I looked like Deepika in some of my pictures, lol. my school friend gave me this name ! We laughed a lot in this topic! Appreciate

5) popat & breeze – my latest name ! Given by my college friend and classmate ! I’m still figuring out what’s the story behind this. 🤔 But I get super mad whenever I hear it. And my face expressions be like :

Pissed off face !

But it’s okay.. since it’s funny 😂 smile and smile . They say so pretty when pissed off!

6) chote khala – now, not everyone knows the meaning of khala 😂 it’s a word mostly used by Muslims. My friend started using this nickname since the first year of my college…after 2 years he almost forgot But Life with a peace is not in my dictionary! now he got my new name – bataki 😶 I’m speechless!

7) gangu tai – 😂😂 my senior gave me this name. How can I forget this name ! I went to other college for promotion of my college techfest as a team with my seniors. And in a group discussion somehow the serious discussion turned into funny group chat. we became friends. “Friendship is like meeting new people at new place,what we spent the time together it wasn’t time; it was friendship…”

( *Dear all, If you’re reading this right now please give a comment *miss you all*)

•How pretty this little things are! 💟 Little nicknames gave me bigger smile…

•But besides all of these names one thing never changed. – ” BETA ” word used by my parents. Love you mom & dad 🙂

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